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Course Information: This interactive course emphasizes community building by completing Nature activities and sharing experiences. Communication takes place as part of our contact with natural areas while creating moments there that let the life of Earth teach.

Course Objectives: To validate from experience that we suffer our problems and unhappiness because we are socialized to deny the life of Nature and Earth’s dance. Moment-by-moment, our fifty-four natural senses attach us to all that has preceded and followed us. Senses that are wounded by abusive relationships remain injured, so we feel and act accordingly until we create space for these senses to happily reattach to their origins in the purity of Nature/Earth’s self-correcting balance and beauty, not to substitute for the wisdom of its dance. Unfortunately, our nature-disconnecting attachments too often make us produce and suffer our disorders.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe what sensory aliveness is and indicate which of the 54 senses/sensations you have experienced in natural areas or your daily life.
  2. Summarize what the Web of Life is and its natural functions in and around us.
  3. Identify the various Webstring functions unique to living beings.
  4. Explain what disconnects us from natural life in and around us.
  5.  Compare and contrast a natural negative with a natural attraction.
  6. Indicate and describe the basic concepts of the Greenwave Unified Field.

Note:  Weekly Eco-Art activities are included in this course for those interested in Eco-Art Therapy.

ECO 500A: Explore Nature’s Wisdom

Course Code: Eco 500A
No of Hours: 35
Length: 5 weeks
Min. No of Participants: 3
Max. No of Participants: 5
Course Price: $85.00