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Project NatureConnect FAQs

We will continue to add to the FAQs as individuals submit questions.

How do I know if the training is right for me?

Some people may find the processes of Project NatureConnect do not fit into their ideas of what online courses should be.

  1. Project NatureConnect utilizes as little technology as possible in its processes. Our technology is considered a vessel that carries information to larger audiences.
  2. Most learning systems need to be learned before you use them. Not everyone possesses the ability or desire to learn a new technology. Some people do not like working through email or group communication platforms, which enable us to work with more significant numbers of individuals.
  3. If you are used to the red tape and problems in large training organizations or universities, you may find that the simplicity of PNC’s pathways does not align with the academic pressure you experience in other organizations. We have purposefully designed the program to be flexible so that we do not send anyone down an endless rabbit hole trying to meet requirements.

Ultimately, how quickly you move through the courses or don’t, is up to you.

Our experience shows most people complete the training without stress and with very few hiccups. However, we do find that individuals working from cellular phones or traveling a lot may find it a little more challenging to work with our processes. To this end, we offer one-on-one courses with mentors, allowing everyone interested to join and complete courses as soon as possible because whoever is helping you is donating their time.

Is financial aid available?

We are not affiliated with any state or federal entity that will give you loans for our training. Instead, Project NatureConnect offers a waiver. A waiver is a reduction in the costs of training. In exchange, individuals complete a volunteer work-study in Project NatureConnect equal to the amount of the waiver they have received.

If you need to leave your studies for 6 months or more, your waiver will be given to another participant, and you must reapply.

We attempt to enroll everyone interested, but those who can pay or pay something should do so. Project NatureConnect must still pay for record-keeping and other operations. In addition, we must pay for your certificates and degrees. These costs are expensive, and sometimes volunteers or supporters will pay something on your behalf so you may graduate. Please be aware this is done to ensure your success without worrying about a financial burden. Therefore, please work with us when it comes time for you to complete a task or role for your work-study.

Do I need to link my bank account in order to make payments?

No. Project NatureConnect utilizes a payment processor that can take payments worldwide.

Note: Project NatureConnect pays for any associated fees for payment transactions.

How long before I can start a course?

We enroll individuals as soon as there are at least 3 participants. We will attempt to stay in touch with you about start dates. If you want to check with us in the interim, please get in touch with us.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are calculated on an individual basis.

  1. The $100.00 application fee for enrolling in the PNC degree program is not refundable.
  2. You cannot get a refund if you have already completed a course. Instead, you may retake the course or take a new course.
  3. PNC reserves the right to deduct any fees to transfer refunds to you.

Final monetary amounts will be discussed with you before any refunds are issued.