Applied Ecopsyschology

Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature

Increase Personal and Planet Wellness

Project NatureConnect Inc. (PNC) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, which provides worldwide online distance learning courses in Applied Ecopsychology and interrelated fields. Currently, PNC offers certificates of completion, and United States Accredited CEU/Credits for professional Development. In addition, training can be transferred to an affiliate university for a Master’s or Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree.

Applied Ecopsychology can be integrated in infinite ways. One objective of Project NatureConnect is to consistently contribute research and information to society about its relationship with the life of Planet Earth. Individuals participate in meaningful nature connecting encounters that create transformation for all life, including ours. In contrast to other training, Individuals completing training with PNC complete field studies by completing hundreds of exercises intended to help us reconnect to our inward nature and the natural world we live in. PNC’s models are in-depth and not as basic as: “take a walk in the park, and you will feel better.” In addition, we are taught only 5 senses and the remaining senses are neglected or completely disregarded. PNC advances and utilizes its nature connecting exercises to breathe life back into our inborn 54 sensory knowing.

Project NatureConnect gives every interested individual an approach to break the pattern of destruction caused by modern culture. To this end, Project NatureConnect empowers individuals to add to their entire being; the magnificence, balance, and restorative powers of the natural systems thinking framework. This is accomplished by using our 54 senses and diversity of scientifically validated approaches with established outcomes that reconnect us to our authentic self and the natural world.

PNC is celebrating over 60 years of offering Applied Ecopsychology!

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Project NatureConnect gives added value to natural areas. The natural world is my ally. It seems so wrong to injure it within or around me. This workshop touched my creative side, renewed my spirit.


A pioneer in the environmental education movement. Participants learn to learn, learn that all subjects are interrelated with one another and themselves. Most of all they develop an interest in themselves.

NY Times

I am sleeping much more soundly each night because of my nature connection. It offers so much to me and I consistently offer it a return of energy.  Thank you Dr. Cohen for all that you have done to create this reminder for me to give thanks for my nature.  My 5 year old went to school and told her kindergarten teacher that there were more than 5 senses. When the teacher asked how she knew that she said ‘Because I sense it.’


My interpersonal relationships are healthier, my environmental career is on the rise and my commitment and love for the planet is still strong. You cannot stop the process.


If education means learning to better understand mankind and the problems of a tremendously complicated planet, then this is education in the finest sense of the word.

Robert Binnewies, Yosemite National Park Director

It’s great. He [Dr. Cohen] is right to make the responsibility for living on good terms with Gaia a personal one.

James Lovelock, Scientist, environmentalist, and Author. Formulated the Gaia Hypothesis

A worthwhile, thought-provoking, hard look at our relationships with Planet Earth as a living organism.

Marshal Case, National Audubon Society

Mike Cohen is a crackerjack teacher. What counts is that his words help us do what we must do to save ourselves and Gaia.

Pete Seeger, American Folk Singer and Social Activist

How important Project NatureConnect’s guidebooks, workshops and activities have been to us. Its straightforward, unembroidered perceptions are as refreshing and clear as a mountain lake. It’s a joy, for it unifies rather than polarizes. It effectively speaks to modern problems with modern knowledge, skills and language.

The Gowland Foundation

Dr. Cohen’s compelling application of ecopsychology connects us with the often ignored source of spirit and wellness found in nature. His deeply felt chapters catalyze conscious sensory contacts with the natural world and bind us to energies that heal our deeper being.

Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D., Researcher and Author