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Experiential Learning

Create Peace on Earth through Peace with Earth

Project NatureConnect (PNC) is not just a training program. PNC is an international community of deeply committed people who work together to support and develop PNC and other organizations. As a result, these same individuals demonstrate they can create and utilize the methods learned in Nature and through PNC training.

The Project NatureConnect program integrates Natural Attraction Ecology in its philosophy, systems, and procedures wherever possible. The PNC community processes enhance individual and group experiences. For example, individuals learn to explore and identify the differences between organizational processes in modern-day organizations and processes that separate humans from Nature. As a result, we can lessen our reliance on aspects of modern culture that seek to destroy or have dominion over Nature. As a result, participants learn how to integrate Nature’s flow into their daily life.

The experiential learning model unique to our program does not end with participants’ experience engaging in Nature activities or their group classes. Instead, learning extends into exploring our inner Nature. As a result, participants experience being free to follow attractions and self-organize into work groups; to offer their skills and talents to benefit the organization and advance the field of Applied Ecopsychology and its interrelated areas. Participants volunteer to play support roles and provide services that tap their skills, talents, and inclinations. A student may offer any service they believe would help the organization. Examples include but are not limited to:

    • building web pages,
    • managing PNC’s online community,
    • co-facilitating classes,
    • writing advanced curricula,
    • networking and social communication,
    • offering ideas for research and development,
    • orienting and guiding less experienced participants, and
    • helping to refine and increase the extent to which the program functions as a natural community.

The PNC community is a safe place to apply or discuss Ecopsychology as the Web of Life as experienced in your online class and community relationships. Participants engage in mutually supportive relationships through self-organizing, community-building, and consensus/permission practices. Each of these natural threads, found in the Web of Life, results in respecting others’ attractions as valuable guides to personal choices.

The community consists of participants, alums, and friends who may have been involved in Dr. Cohen’s earlier work or on-the-ground workshops. Many Participants stay actively engaged in Project NatureConnect well beyond their academic involvement. Project NatureConnect is a living, evolving community with a shared mission to create peace on Earth through peace with Earth.