Climate Therapy

Organic Pandemic Recovery

Celebrate your Greeness

New Course for 2020: Project NatureConnect is offering a stand-alone course and blueprint which actualizes the lasting reality of wholistic person/planet rehabilitation and well-being.

Beneficially apply this book’s double-blind, peer-reviewed, 24 life-support, core realities that our frightened intellect and ego omit so we suffer. Never again! Wake up without the advantages of 54-sense truth.

The beauty, purity and balance of Climate Therapy’s 54-sense science is nature-made mental health. It sensibly fortifies the life of Earth and us so we don’t continue to excessively exploit it as a natural resource and suffer the life-diminishing consequences.

Scientifically, Nature/Earth’s and humanity’s love to live are different in a major way. We can communicate and relate through written and articulated word-stories and this ability is foreign to the natural world’s life.  When our stories excessively separate our life from the truths of our planet’s life their effects abuse our psyche and the planet. We hurtfully lose Earth’s wisdom and peace, around, in and as us and act accordingly. Climate Therapy works because it removes the hurt that causes this tragedy. It lets genuine 54-sense contact with nature in natural areas unify this agonizing disconnection. This creates happily balanced relationships and their beneficial side-effects for all.

Climate Therapy works because its fundamental source of healing wisdom is Nature itself, the fountainhead of authority that organizes, corrects and balances its optimums of life, diversity, cooperation and sanity without producing garbage or abuse, including war, so everything belongs.

To remedy today’s global catastrophe, Climate Therapy invokes reasonable acts as if the life of Nature/Earth and its love to survive matters. In unifying ways, this tool equally supports and balances our body, mind and spirit along with every other part of the web-of-life including its energies. That is unconditional fairness in action.  It helps us felt-sense register our inborn love for each other’s and Earth’s life as we blend with our Planet’s unifying love to endure. We scientifically discover God to be the essence of love that exists in the life of a natural area, backyard or back country, moment by moment. Because we best protect and support what we love, we equally nurture the whole of life, all relationships, species, races, nationalities and persuasions. That is the presently missing hope for restoring the life of our broken planet and us. It must replace the dismay and pain of martyrdom that cruelly touches us and erodes happiness.

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