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Climate Therapy

Educating, Counseling and Healing with Natureness

Celebrate Your Natureness

Reverse Our Planetary Climate Crisis

Project NatureConnect (PNC) has worked with climate, environmental destruction, and interrelated issues since the 1960s. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to mass human destruction of the Planet Earth creates emotional and physical disconnection for all living beings.

Dr. Michael J. Cohen and thousands of individuals have incorporated and shared an organic blueprint that actualizes a scientifically proven, lasting methodology that creates a holistic human/planet rehabilitation process that supports all life. As a result, we reverse Earth’s Misery (EM) or solastalgia as it may now be known in the 21st century.

The Greenswitch Institute, a department within PNC, supports reversing the damaging effects of the world’s climate crisis, as Dr. Cohen has so beautifully named it, Earth Misery. It is simple. Paradigms that have or propose a vision of economic development and capitalism, globalization, conventional aid, international trade, et. al are processes and actions that disconnect us from our roots in Nature.

The Greenswitch Institute’s purpose is to help us reconnect with the beauty, purity, and balance of Climate Therapy’s 54-sense science, which is nature-made mental wellness.  It sensibly fortifies the Life of Earth so we do not continue to excessively exploit it and suffer life-diminishing consequences.

Supporting Nature and humanity’s love to live will reverse our current disconnections.  We can communicate and relate through written and articulated stories. This ability is foreign to the natural world and separates us from our roots in Nature. In addition, we lose our capability to learn from Earth’s wisdom and peace. Climate Therapy works because it removes the underlying disconnection that causes this tragedy.

To remedy today’s global catastrophe, the Greenswitch Institute supports practical actions because the Life of Earth and its love to survive matters.  By tapping into our 54 senses, our inborn love for each other’s and Earth’s Life as we blend with our Planet’s unifying love to endure. Because we best protect and support what we love, we equally nurture the Whole of Life, all relationships, species, races, nationalities, and persuasions.  What is currently missing is hope for restoring the Lives of our broken Planet and us. We must replace the dismay and pain of martyrdom that cruelly touches us and erodes happiness.

The Greenswitch Institute invites you to participate in a cooperative process built from over 50 years of research and application, to provide a valuable asset to reversing our global climate change and crisis.