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New Course Offerings and Updates for 2020-2022

  1.  April 2, 2020: PNC and its Eco-Arts programs are still offering courses/degrees via distance learning (online).  A letter about Covid-19 precautions and updates has went out to Everyone on PNC’s mailing list. If you did not get a copy please contact us.
  2. February 2020: Affiliate & Course: Heartwood Path, Don Pierce. More information click here. 
  3. January 2020: A new book has been released for individuals interested in Climate Therapy. This book may be bought at costs for bulk orders. For more information on bulk orders or to write a book review contact us. For a single book you may buy it at Amazon.
  4. New Courses starting in 2020: Equine Assisted Therapy  and Wellness Coaching (Dr. Veronica Murray).

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Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature

Michael Cohen & Project NatureConnect Students. 2011.

Project NatureConnect (PNC) offers subsidized training and certificates to those who master the sensory art and science of educating, counseling and healing with nature.

Our potent nature-connection process fills Industrial Society’s critical need for a tool to help our thoughts and feelings incorporate nature’s perfection as it operates in and around us. Without this tool we have been unable to sustain nature’s health and wellness in our society.

The PNC process of educating, counseling and healing with nature (ECHN) makes a momentous contribution to personal, social and environmental well being. This happens because nature is the fountainhead of authority about how and why it maintains its balance, purity and healing wisdom.

Be alarmed!

There’s a war going on that most of us have learned not to see. We have been trained to be soldiers in it and seldom realize we were drafted. Our runaway disorders are the effects of our unspoken war on nature in and around us. They are neither normal, healthy nor accidents.

Somehow, somewhere, some voice suggested to you that a breach exists between the way we learn to relate in industrial society and the the way nature and nature-centered people work. The intelligence and wisdom of  that voice brought you to this website and its distant learning courses, grants and independent degree programs.

Scientifically and spiritually, Project NatureConnect interlaces our mentality with natural areas. This bond adds an extraordinary strength to a wide variety of education, counseling and recovery programs.

Michael J. Cohen

Humanity is part of nature.  For this reason each of us experiences an increase in peace, renewal, happiness and spirit when we spend quiet time in a natural area. To our great loss, we also experience a disappearance of these benefits once we return to the responsibilities of our excessively nature-disconnected lives.

We suffer our troubles because we do not realize that our planet is our other body. We do not realize that every time we exchange air, water and food with our planet and biosphere. We are creating reciprocity between our individual bodies and the body we share with every other life form around us, Earth.

Project NatureConnect Students
Life in Industrial Society without this awareness asks our psyche to function like a fish out of water. We are asked to make sense of our lives when, on average, 99 percent of how we think, feel and act is disconnected from our origins in the self-correcting and restorative powers of nature.

Our daily removal from nature’s ways blinds our mentality so that we cannot see how the separation of our psyche from our other body, Earth and all of nature wounds our psyche. The pain of this separation leaves us senselessly creating and suffering and repeating our separation. Making us unable to sense or use the nature-reconnecting tools within and around us that could help us reverse our separation.

When we cannot reverse this separation we remain unable to see that there is a war going on. A war that most of us have learned not to see. We have been trained to take air, water, food and shelter from our other body, Earth, in ways that destroy our other body’s vital life support systems. We have been trained to destroy ourselves in order to survive.

We are asked to live daily lives in denial of this fact, yet some part of our psyche and intelligence and our own bodies’ are aware of our risk.

Project Nature Connect is about reclaiming community and relationship to reverse this process.

Project Nature Connect is about education and career development that is sustainable for you and for your other body, Earth.

While participating in our programs you are invited to balance the reciprocity between yourself and your ecosystems.

While participating in our programs you are invited to learn the fifty-four sense wisdom that enhances your natural intelligence in reviving this reciprocity.

 You are invited to practice new skills of personal and community reciprocity within your local and global ecosystems. You are given models for how to use these skills to create individual degree paths and enhance ongoing professional paths.

 You learn with an incredible diversity of students and professionals from around the globe who are using our skills in clinics and classrooms, in professional trainings and community wellness endeavors.

 Mainstream or wild and free, Project Nature Connect reconnects you to balanced, healthy and sustainable relationship with life itself – inviting profoundly beneficial development in personal and professional capacities.

Welcome! We invite you to walk with us in our degree, certificate and personal development pathways. We invite you to join us in Project Nature Connect.

Michael J Cohen

Financial Assistance and Grants

Benefit from natural, hands-on, funded, courses and career education training jobs and degrees online.

PNC is dedicated to giving any interested party the financial ability and training to make conscious sensory contacts with the vital, but missing, nature-link in our thinking. The PNC program empowers its applicants with knowledge and activities that help us create moments that let nature teach us what we need to know in order to sanely live in balance. It also provides the crucial applied ecopsychology preventative and antidote for our warped mentality. The process is readily available to those who are sensible enough to want to make it part of their lives and livelihood.
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A small plane ran out of gas while it was flying the smartest man in the world, a pastor, an outdoor educator and the pilot to a conference. The pilot immediately grabbed one of the three parachutes on board and jumped from the plane.

The smartest man in the world said, “The world needs my super intelligence and knowledge,” and he grabbed the second parachute and jumped out.

The pastor said to the outdoor educator, “I’ve lived a long life and I’m prepared to meet the Lord. You take the last parachute.”

“Don’t sweat it, pastor” replied the educator, “The smartest man in the world just jumped out wearing my backpack.”

The Project NatureConnect program goes one step beyond. It dedicates itself to help its participants green their areas of expertise while they learn and teach the world how to stop our planetary airplane from running out of gas.

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