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Founder of PNC: Mike Cohen, Ed.D. and Ph.D. : (360) 378-6313 (Pacific Standard Time)

Director of Project NatureConnect and Eco-Art Program: Stacey Mallory, Ms, Ph.D.: (479) 677-3328 (Central Daylight Time)

Adjunct Faculty and Volunteers

Norma, M.Sc.. Applied Ecopsychology/Eco-Arts Therapy

Role: Eco 500/600 B Coordinator, PNC Inc. Board Member, and Eco-Arts Instructor/Co-Director.

Bio: Norma has Master’s of Science in Applied Ecopsychology and is a Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Ecopsychology. Her joys unite some of her passions like photography, the study of animal and human behavior, being a reiki master, art, poetry, research, humane education, animal assisted therapy, and above all reconnecting mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with natural beings and Nature as a whole. She is a lover of life and interesting rocks too. If she is not gazing into the eyes of some other consenting being she is using her hands to create something special or her heart to write something thoughtful that might help bring a smile to another person. If she was to be defined it would be as a friend not a title as labels mean nothing in the natural world Finally, many of her professions required a knowing of many aspects about Nature beyond being beautiful. When working for a police department curiosity for all life allowed her to seek answers to why a situation was, so she searched for facts in order to be able to see deeper for hidden truths, rather than stories, beliefs, or bias of why there was a complaint. In addition, the most important part was to help bridge a gap and restore understanding, communication, acceptance, peace, and compassion not just with or for the community, but neighbors, family, the environment, and nature. Life is important, and to hold on to negative beliefs and stories only destroys lives and our own health. So now she wears a new hat as a healer and co-conspirator with Nature to heal hearts, restore smiles, and help release negativity not just externally but internally.

Beth Gineris, Ph.D.

Role: Project NatureConnect Adjunct Faculty Member.

Bio: Founder of Center for Instinctive Health Medicine, LLC. Author of Me to We, Turning No to On: Art of Parenting with Mindfulness and more! am a Medical Intuitive Life Coach. My practice is Instinctive Health Medicine. This employs acupuncture, energy medicine, applied eco-psychology practices, yoga, east-west, spirit/body/mind integrated training and medical intuition to offer healing through development of your sensory guidance system, to bring your mind, body spirit into alignment with your goals and life purpose. I offer a plethora of tools. You can use these tools toward the elevation of your consciousness, develop mindful parenting and mindful relationship mastery and bring about personal healing. My goal is to help you live a more enlightened, balanced life. I have developed and synthesized from my various Masters/Ph.D. degrees and long study in the fields of Counseling, Applied Eco-psychology, Phenomenology, Oriental Medicine, Yoga, and healthy group interactions (MA, MBA, MSOM, PHD). My recent endeavor has been to incorporate the profoundly healing aspect of nature. This is derived from my PhD study and training in Applied Ecopsychology through Project NatureConnect and Akamai University.

Dave Rogge, LADC, MA, Ph.D.

Role: PNC Board Member, Adjunct Faculty, and Instructor/Mentor for PNC’s newest work: Liberate Your Natural Essence. This work is a cumulation of Dr. Cohen’s life work and we are delighted Dave joins us in decreasing Earth Misery and Reconnecting us all to Nature!

Bio: Dr. Rogge is a retired counselor. His dissertation was based on 8 years utilizing the healing connections we all have with nature as we apply our 54 natural senses. As we follow our natural attractions towards healthy living, addictive behaviors diminish. His dedication to heal others and the earth can be seen in his counseling approach and his daily life.

Dr. Rogge was a Case Manager doing Methadone Maintenance Treatment. Individual counseling and support as well as group work focusing on Eco psychology as a tool for helping people live productive fulfilling lives in recovery. Served as full time LADC in various treatment settings as needed by the State of Minnesota. He introduced and utilized Eco Psychology paired with Harm reduction and 12 step work as primary method of helping people advance life satisfaction in recovery. This lead him to his dissertation in Applied Ecopsychology! He designed and successfully demonstrated his profound knowledge of the Applied Ecopsychology. His dissertation was based on 8 years of utilizing the healing connections we all have with nature as we apply our 54 natural senses. As we follow our natural attractions towards healthy living, addictive behaviors diminish. He found and experienced Project NatureConnect as he interned with the Butler Center for Research as part of the Master’s program at Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies which I completed in 2011.

Crystal Faulkner, Ph.D.

Role: PNC Board Member and Adjunct Faculty.

Salaheddin (Sal) Aiesh, PH.D, MSE, BSEE, BSBME.

Role: Adjunct Faculty.

Bio: Dr. Aiesh earned his Ph.D. in Applied Ecopsychology with research concentration in Complementary Medicine and Public Health from Akamai University, Hawaii, USA a Masters in Engineering – Biomedical and Clinical Engineering ,a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineering – Digital Signal Processing (DSP) , a BS in Biomedical and Clinical Engineering from California State University ; Long Beach, California ,USA and an Associate in Arts in Engineering from, Fullerton College, California ,USA. Dr Aiesh research interests were in many aspects including: Iterative Image Restoration, Speech Synthesis and recognition, Computers in Healthcare Systems, Medical and Pharmaceutical Errors, Image Compression and Decompression and Application and Design of a Telemedicine Remote Station. Dr. Aiesh has held roles in leadership, education engineering with many esteemed institutions such as General Electric. Dr. Aiesh is an International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) registered Lead Auditor/ Auditor and Authorized Tutor in Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Aerospace Management Systems.

Helen McKissock, Ph.D.

Role: Adjunct Faculty.

Bio: Helen’s background includes teaching on a university level, recreation therapist, equine assisted expert, researcher, yoga teacher, and a Ph.D. in Applied Ecopsychology. She has over twenty years experience in evaluating and facilitating educational and training experiences that reconnect people with the natural world through animal assisted therapies. She is known professionally to be a passionate, quality driven, creative problem solver, effective facilitator and motivating speaker. She serves as the co-founder of HorseWork Education and the Institute for the Study of Horse Human Interaction at Strides to Success. It is here she facilitates equine assisted learning (EAL) and therapy. She has lead a research network of EAL programs around the world to establish best practices in equine assisted work. She love to collaborate on innovative research projects that improve the well being of those in my community through nature based experiences.

Specialties: Equine assisted learning and therapy, ecotherapy, recreation therapy interventions, ecopsychology, wellness coaching, therapeutic riding, team building, high and low ropes, corporate training, curriculum development, workshop facilitation, and yoga!

The work she completed for her Ph.D. is sure to change the world with a new protocol for Equine Assisted Therapy, PTSD, and veterans! Her work was recently accepted at PNC and she will begin to offer an Equine Assisted Therapy course soon. We know you will come to love her as we have!

Veronica Murray, Ph.D.

Roles: Adjunct Faculty, Eco 501/601 Coordinator and PNC Board Member.

Ms. Murray graduate degrees from Akamai University; MS and Ph.D. in Applied Ecopsychology, from Portland State University/ Project Nature Connect, a diploma in Practical Nursing from Trenholm State Technical College, Certification for Eco-Art Therapy from Project NatureConnect, and Certification for Wellness Inventory Coaching from International Consortium for Health and; Wellness Coaching (ICHWC) approved training program, Wellpeople- Wellness Inventory Certification Program. Additionally, she has completed all of the ICHWC certifying criteria and has sat for the National Board- Certified Health & Wellness Coaching exam.

Mrs. Murray’s experience with chronic burnout syndrome and acknowledgement of the gross recidivism rate of patients with preventable diseases within the nation’s healthcare system fuel her research in holistic and organic well- being. Employing proven scientific processes, theoretical and empirical evidence, Mrs. Murray reconnected with Nature to reclaim her health and increase her understanding of holistic wellbeing to empower herself, clients, students, and family to create optimal health & wellness experiences. As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Applied Ecopsychology Instructor, parent, wife, sibling, and community activist, Mrs. Murray passionately advocates responsible, organic, sustainable living for the whole of life.

Janet Wiseberg, Ph.D.

Role: Adjunct Faculty.