8/2/2021: Project NatureConnect is delighted that Dr. Veronica Murray will be offering the opportunity to complete courses or certificates to the PNC Family! Dr. Veronica Murray is a board certified coach with the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching and owns the NOW Center for Wellness ©. We have enjoyed watching Dr. Murray grow over the years and learning from her. It’s a great honor to  join together in a time of uncertainties when our well-being and health is continually being diminished. Dr. Murray exemplifies a genuine care and heartfelt connection to Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature. Congratulations to Dr. Murray for her many achievements and most of all helping the world to decrease Earth Misery.

7/26/2022: A new affiliate university has been secured.  US Dept. Of Education (USA) & International Accreditation status is now available. More information coming soon. Please contact us for current accrediting information.

7//24/2022: PNC was withdrawn from Akamai University. PNC is currently seeking a new affiliate university.

New Course Offerings and Updates for 2020-2022

  1. June 24, 2020: We have been working hard to update the PNC website. It has taken much longer than we anticipated due to technological changes. We will continue to add some color (splash) and other elements in the upcoming months. In addition, PNC will be adding a Student Portal by Autumn 2020 to streamline communications in a central location between PNC and its students.
  2. May 2020: A new course entitled Climate Therapy has been released by PNC. Read more about Climate Therapy.
  3. January 2020: A new book has been released for individuals interested in Climate Therapy. This book may be bought at costs for bulk orders. For more information on bulk orders or to write a book review Contact Us. For a single book you may buy it at Climate Therapy book at Amazon.
  4. New Courses starting in 2020-2021: Wellness Coaching and Animal Assisted Therapy.