Project NatureConnect hopes everyone is enjoying their holidays and Nature. Unfortunately, in these uncertain times, it can be difficult not to fall into the negativity of media outlets, political and social systems, and society’s disconnection in general. These sources define and shape our current situation and worldview, but these sources do not have to be given our energy or power.

Humanity has been filled with fear. Fear [nature negatives] may make their way into the foundations in the environments around us. Nature negatives may at times make life seem shaky or uncertain. In reality, it is merely an adjustment. If we stay in fear, it will constrict our movement, and we cannot continue to move forward. All the challenges we face are mere steppingstones to the next moment[s] in our life. If you focus on when your spirit rises above and out of the ashes [as a phoenix does], you create a pathway to continue positive momentum.

We all are creators; we need to nurture this ability. Fear and unconditional love cannot occupy the same space-time [now] moment. Negatives can only be recycled and regenerated into more attractive feelings, resulting in unconditional love.

Each person feels the pain of many setbacks and losses this year. And to this end, we say life is still ebbing and flowing. Sometimes we have to take a step back to see it. Sometimes we have to take several steps back to recenter. Sometimes we have to step in the hole to dig back out of it. Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from the chaos. No matter where you are in the current uncertainty that shapes our lives, unconditional love surrounds you everywhere you go. You can take this moment in time and live in the moment.  You will begin to feel reconnection to your 54 senses as they wash over you through each hurdle. You will be sure to find yourself in a tree, a leaf, a beach, a pond, a bird’s song, or wherever your eyes gleam and your heart jumps for joy!

Come Together

Come together with others if you can. Community and sense of place are critical during the worldview of separation and self-preservation.

And do not forget the healing powers of Connecting with Nature. It is with the greatest honor that I reflect upon nature’s beauty to remind us of who we are, and that Mother Earth (ME) is currently holding and loving us. There is beauty to be found in the darkness. As Winter settles in, we see different weather patterns, some with natural destruction such as hurricanes, huge snow falls, flooding and tornados. Nonetheless, it is beautiful to sit in the stillness of the darkness [after the lights go out], and the mountains are lit only by lightning. The sounds of thunder and rain echo and cascade over the bosom of the mountaintops. The rush of water can be heard as tributaries, creek beds, and waterfalls fill. Light always returns. Light is constantly flowing through life and healing the dark places in and around us.

Be kind, gentle, and remind yourself often that you are not what is happening to you, but instead a natural being with an essence that cannot be taken away unless you permit it. It’s that simple.

Enjoy and love one another this season. Be safe and celebrate this wonderous season and all it has to offer.