When you join PNC you are more than a Student. You are part of a family, a group of diverse individual’s sharing NatureConnect experiences.

How Project NatureConnect is Different From Other Universities:

  1. Project NatureConnect aims to ensure its program is available to everyone. Whenever possible, any individual who appreciates the value of the program and is committed to completing training will be accepted, regardless of financial situation.
  2. Because of the important special contribution Project NatureConnect makes, and based on the student’s stated learning intentions, PNC automatically subsidizes 50 percent of a student’s studies. Therefore, the costs listed will vary from the costs listed with affiliate universities.
  3. Whenever possible, Project NatureConnect aims to assist its students/graduates to meet this goal of having no debt or loans to pay back when graduating. This relieves the otherwise common stress of entering questionable work situations in order to pay debts rather than  apply your degree and newly learned skills where they will do the most good. As a result, you may enter professional relationships many other graduates can not afford to enter.

Tuition is based on a fee of $150 per academic credit or $85.00 for CEU’s.

Program Track Credits Required Tuition USA CEU/Credits Available
CEU’s up to 26 credits  $85.00 per credit + University of Pacific Costs1 Yes
Climate Therapy Certificate Contact us Contact Us Yes
Eco-Art Certificate 15 $1275.00 Yes
Post Graduate Diploma 23 $3450.00 Yes
Bachelor’s Equivalency 13 $600.00.for EXM 4002 Some
Bachelor’s Degree Contact Us $6000.00 Some
Master’s Equivalency Contact Us $600.00 beginning January 1, 20203 Some
Master’s Degree 40 $6000.00 Some
Ph.D. by Coursework 52 $7800.004 Some
Ph.D. by Dissertation 52 $7800.004,5 Some

1 University of the Pacific charges $62.00 per Credit/CEU. There are no waivers available from PNC to cover these costs.
2 The tuition for the remaining courses is paid as part of the graduate tuition.
3 The tuition for the remaining courses is paid as part of the graduate tuition.
4 No tuition for ECO 611: Educating and Counseling with Nature: Student Teaching (2 Credits.)
5 Well Qualified Students Only

Refund Policy

  1. If you decide not to complete the Degree Program, PNC will determine refunds on an individual basis.
  2. If you have taken courses no refunds will be given for those courses. You may retake the course again or take another one.
  3. PNC has a required $100.00 application fee. The first $100.00 of tuition you pay toward a degree is put toward this fee, unless you pay it in full when you enroll with PNC. This fee is non-refundable.
  4. All Equivalency Fees are non-refundable.
  5. You may transfer from a certificate to a degree, vice versa. Upon doing this it may effect the amount due to PNC for tuition costs.
  6. If you have received a waiver, you will not be reimbursed because this amount had been paid toward tuition on your behalf. The remaining waiver will be given to another student.