Financial Waiver Options

From a shared sense of ownership and a communal desire to let nature’s abundance flow, the Project NatureConnect community has sustained the program’s open door policy for over 25 years.

In order to keep tuition affordable students may utilize attractions as well as their skills and talents to assist Project NatureConnect with duties that PNC would otherwise hire someone to perform. Students also take responsibility for the majority of their own record-keeping and participate in creative cooperative management of the day-to-day program operations.

Student’s Cooperative participation is a demonstration of nature’s ability to share with the community through mutually beneficial and attraction-led relationships. Students are encouraged to share their unique gifts in creative ways. Students Cooperative opportunities build bridges for personal growth and learning.  Volunteering in the community is an opportunity to play a role in the development and evolution of Project NatureConnect and the science of Applied Ecopsychology.

Options for Tuition:

  • Flexible, interest-free payment plans;
  • Volunteer Work/Study  in exchange for tuition costs;
  • and Waiver (tuition reduction).

How to Apply for Waiver

Students apply for financial aid midway through the ECO 500/600 course as part of the application to enter a Degree or Certificate program.

To discuss your financial aid needs further before you register for the Orientation Course, contact us.