Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Ecopsychology by Coursework (Ph.D.)

Entry Requirements

A prerequisites for acceptance to the Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Ecopsychology, participants should have completed the equivalent of a recognized Master’s degree in an appropriate field of study, with several years of meaningful professional experience.

Under special circumstances, well-qualified applicants are accepted to the Doctoral program with a Postgraduate Certificate, or a degree in an unrelated field, lacking certain elements of preparation, when the balance of their credentials are exceptional. Under these conditions, participants will be required to add missing competencies to their program and, if appropriate, pay additional tuition, accordingly.

Participants are expected to be proficient in collegiate English language skills. Applicants who are second language English should submit a record of prior English-language college study or a record of TOEFL examination with a minimum score of 500. Participants are expected to have access to a computer, email and the Internet, and college library resources for the full extent of their program.

Degree Requirements

Participants in the Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Ecopsychology complete a minimum of 52 credits including the dissertation. The coursework requirements include the academic core, the major concentration, and research preparation competencies. In addition, doctoral participants complete a written and oral comprehensive examination at the conclusion of their academic coursework and prepare a formal dissertation proposal. Participants complete the dissertation project, prepare the manuscript for physical review by the dissertation committee, and complete an oral review of dissertation at the conclusion of the project.

As a minimum degree requirement, doctoral students must maintain Akamai University enrollment for at least one and one-half calendar years. Most doctoral students complete their program within three years from the date of initial registration. A maximum period of six years is allowed to finish all requirements for the degree.

Tuition: $7800.00 (No tuition for ECO 611: Educating and Counseling with Nature: Student Teaching : 2 Credits.)

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