Master of Science Equivalency

Entry Requirements

Students coming to our program who have earned a Baccalaureate Degree (or equivalent) may proceed through the Master of Science program (not including the Thesis preparation) and petition to continue on into the Doctoral Degree in Applied Ecopsychology. Applicants are expected to be proficient in collegiate English language skills. Second language English applicants should submit records of TOEFL examination with scores of 550 minimum. All applicants are expected to have access to a computer, email and the Internet, and verify access to academic library resources for the full extent of your program.

Equivalency Goals and Process

Petitions to determine an equivalency of the the Master’s Degree are granted when a candidate has successfully completed ECO 502B/602B: Educating and Counseling with Nature II. In this advanced course, students discover how our separation from nature stresses our sentient inner nature and creates our many problems. They learn to reverse this destructive process by mastering The Natural Systems Thinking Process using thoughtful nature reconnecting activities that dissolve stress by satisfying our deepest natural loves, wants and spirit. This course teaches hands-on education, counseling and mental health skills that feelingly tap the wisdom of nature’s creation process. Its email and telephone correspondence let nature nurture warm interpersonal relationships, wellness and responsibility, and thereby documents that they have the ability to meet degree goals and work on the Doctoral level.

Tuition: $600.00 for Exam. The tuition for the remaining courses is paid as part of the graduate tuition.

Prerequisite: The 40 graduate academic credits of the Master of Science Degree program track.

Curriculum: See Master of Science Degree in Applied Ecopsychology