When Our Thinking Includes Our Love For Nature We Personify Earth Wisdom

The intimacy of my patio garden agrees with me for this nature degree activity. I tested the waters first by going down the street in search of a different locale but came back. I am fond of all the shapes and colors, sounds and textures of this small sanctuary and yet my eye lifts far beyond to the clouds passing overhead. I would say variable today with mixes of rain and sun. The white, silver and gray shapes are moving noticeably interconnecting and edging apart. They appear as vast continents sailing across infinite blue directed by invisible currents. Is it the outer hygiene of space I am seeking? A tiny black dot flickers and dives downward. Ah. A Chimney Swift comes out to catch bugs. I love the mystery of clouds as entities that drift through the surface of my mind. They take me with them on vast journeys over the rim of time. They move effortlessly towards destinies unknown. Out of sight blue remains. I love myself as an entity that drifts through the surface of my mind. I take myself on vast journeys over the rim of time. I move effortlessly towards destinies unknown. When I’m clear only [...]

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Eclipse of the Moon, What Would You Like to Teach Me?

This year, on December 20th, 2010 I asked Grandmother Moon if she would share and assist me with a Connecting with Nature Activity. I sensed her lunar agreement in the warm yellow-blue glow and I knew that I would be sharing this with millions of other humans as well as the cosmos as this was the night of a total lunar eclipse. I asked “What message do you have for me, what lesson will you share?” I waited a long time and didn’t seem to get an answer from her glow. Someone was flying a noisy plane around the view of the moon in Tucson getting their expensive glimpse. I was annoyed by it but it didn’t stop me. My neck was about to break and I kept going back inside to give my neck a rest and finish up on much needed chores I share. I thought it was only going to take about 20 minutes so I kept going out every three or four minutes. After an hour or so of this, I realized that my perception of how long it was going to take for this lunar event was way off. I considered going to bed, after-all [...]

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I Have Yet to Meet a Scholarly Tree: Today I Asked the Forest for One

On this course I would like to attribute everything that appears in this essay and every part of my current being to nature, in and around us, as a deeply appreciated gift giver. Thank you all for a wonderful experience. I almost fell out of my chair when I read this exercise assignment! I love writing, so being asked to write a 3-page paper is exciting to me, but I found the suggestion to be completely out of line with the common theme of this class, especially when I read the word “scholarly”! So, I left the questions to ponder and went out on a wonderful nature walk today with my 4-year-old son. This felt like the proper procedure to stay in line with this class. I ditched my job and pulled him out of his daycare, and we spend 3 hours tracking white tail deer, balancing on fallen trees, creating the perfect walking sticks, examining various animal droppings and foot prints, learning all about thorns (ouch), and using our imaginations. I occasionally reflected on the exercise at hand. I’m not a professional woodsman, but I was paying quite a bit of attention today, and throughout my lifetime of nature [...]

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