Resonating With The Senses: Strengthen and Enhance the Power of Natural Attraction

I found this advance activity intellectually challenging and experienced some resistance while initially reading it. It asked me to experiment, to resonate with an attraction in nature that I knew had consented to let me play with it because it remained attractive. I was to resonate through my sense of sound and music, to hum a tone that seemed in tune with emotion or something I sensed from each natural attraction that I connected with. After having the exercise in my psyche for a while I finally was attracted to taking a walk to the nearby beach to do the activity. I also thought that it would be great to connect with the area also seeing as I hadn’t done this since landing back in Spain. Arriving at the beach I walked down the wet sand to sand mid-calf in the sea. Experiencing a strange initial burst of coldness as I entered the water, it soon changed to warmth and welcoming as my feet sank into the sand. I stood there looking at the view of the land on the other side, the trees, the birds in the sky and the clouds. I felt sad and strange that this was [...]

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An Infinitely Inspiring and Comforting Vision of the Sea, Eternity and our Natural Bonds to Earth.

Alice: When I look back to my youth, I always recall a time when I have the most vivid memory of my first real communication with nature, that paradox switch on, that bond, that alertness to the way nature inspired and attracted me. And that was to the sea. I like the alertness! It is as a common theme in the New Testament as Jesus spoke. "Listen you who have ears to hear". I am being alerted to a whole host of organic revolution connections to Ecotherapy and Jesus being connected to nature in ways that I never really considered before. I remember heading down to the beach close to my family home, perhaps after one of many heated arguments with my parents, in the dark of a winter's evening. I don't recall the argument or the reason for my escape into the night's darkness, which shows how unnecessary it is to dwell. I think humanity often unfairly, takes this focus. It dwells on events and substance in the past, where blame, shame and regret fight to take center stage in our egocentric emotional covers. I often use the statement "honor the past, live in the present with an eye [...]

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Quietly Walking the Shore Awakens God’s Heartbeat

Don: A great spiritual experience in nature for me was that as a child I spent a perfect week at camp with new friends, new experiences in nature and with cabin mates, and no desire to go home. I felt alive, exhilarated, and sure of myself like I never had before. Grounded in truth, serenity and the infinite. I still watch for signs around me, I listen to a storm pass, to wind, waves and water ways. I hear a shell, feel trees and even rocks share insight and direction. I go back and forth sometimes about what to listen to, but more often than not, I find my healing and strength listening with my heart through and to nature. The camp experience taught me to trust myself and others. Its mercy solidified my love for the woods water and wind. I stretched and passed into some new skin and I don’t think I ever left that nature skin behind again.  I love to cooperate rather than compete with nature and find that my greatest area of concern in this program's quest into ecotherapy is going to be in quieting my “spiritual side,” primarily the theological dogma I carry, so I [...]

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