The Loves From Mother Earth That Feed the Tree Relax my Stress and Nurse my Posture

“Excessive stress hurts our nature so much that if it became a movie, the candy stand would make money selling Kleenex." ~ Author Unknown I had to include this right-on statement. It still amazes me the amount of stress building stories I carry with me. I live with them every day, some days better than others. ACTIVITY: To reduce or relax stress, visit a natural area and get its consent to match a natural attraction you find there. Physically assume its shape and/or motion. For example: To match the radiating shape of a tree leaf, posture yourself with your body and arms spread like the leaf and wave as it loves to do in the wind. Note what you sense while doing this. This activity is similar to analytical therapies. It helps differentiate stories form the past with opportunities in the present, including the opportunity to psychologically change past stories that stress us. It helps us identify injuries we sustain from fighting the unseen war with a tree or nature that we are taught to engage in. I was in my yard, gaining my consent from Mother Nature there, and I was again drawn to the same rose bush as [...]