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2021: Happy Holidays

Project NatureConnect hopes everyone is enjoying their holidays and Nature. Unfortunately, in these uncertain times, it can be difficult not to fall into the negativity of media outlets, political and social systems, and society's disconnection in general. These sources define and shape our current situation and worldview, but these sources do not have to be given our energy or power. Humanity has been filled with fear. Fear [nature negatives] may make their way into the foundations in the environments around us. Nature negatives may at times make life seem shaky or uncertain. In reality, it is merely an adjustment. If we stay in fear, it will constrict our movement, and we cannot continue to move forward. All the challenges we face are mere steppingstones to the next moment[s] in our life. If you focus on when your spirit rises above and out of the ashes [as a phoenix does], you create a pathway to continue positive momentum. We all are creators; we need to nurture this ability. Fear and unconditional love cannot occupy the same space-time [now] moment. Negatives can only be recycled and regenerated into more attractive feelings, resulting in unconditional love. Each person feels the pain of [...]

2021-12-18T21:28:43-06:00December 18, 2021|Featured|

The Loves From Mother Earth That Feed the Tree Relax my Stress and Nurse my Posture

“Excessive stress hurts our nature so much that if it became a movie, the candy stand would make money selling Kleenex." ~ Author Unknown I had to include this right-on statement. It still amazes me the amount of stress building stories I carry with me. I live with them every day, some days better than others. ACTIVITY: To reduce or relax stress, visit a natural area and get its consent to match a natural attraction you find there. Physically assume its shape and/or motion. For example: To match the radiating shape of a tree leaf, posture yourself with your body and arms spread like the leaf and wave as it loves to do in the wind. Note what you sense while doing this. This activity is similar to analytical therapies. It helps differentiate stories form the past with opportunities in the present, including the opportunity to psychologically change past stories that stress us. It helps us identify injuries we sustain from fighting the unseen war with a tree or nature that we are taught to engage in. I was in my yard, gaining my consent from Mother Nature there, and I was again drawn to the same rose bush as [...]

2021-12-18T21:28:54-06:00April 27, 2011|Climate Therapy|

Resonating With The Senses: Strengthen and Enhance the Power of Natural Attraction

I found this advance activity intellectually challenging and experienced some resistance while initially reading it. It asked me to experiment, to resonate with an attraction in nature that I knew had consented to let me play with it because it remained attractive. I was to resonate through my sense of sound and music, to hum a tone that seemed in tune with emotion or something I sensed from each natural attraction that I connected with. After having the exercise in my psyche for a while I finally was attracted to taking a walk to the nearby beach to do the activity. I also thought that it would be great to connect with the area also seeing as I hadn’t done this since landing back in Spain. Arriving at the beach I walked down the wet sand to sand mid-calf in the sea. Experiencing a strange initial burst of coldness as I entered the water, it soon changed to warmth and welcoming as my feet sank into the sand. I stood there looking at the view of the land on the other side, the trees, the birds in the sky and the clouds. I felt sad and strange that this was [...]

2021-12-12T13:00:27-06:00April 21, 2011|Applied Ecopsychology|

When Our Thinking Includes Our Love For Nature We Personify Earth Wisdom

The intimacy of my patio garden agrees with me for this nature degree activity. I tested the waters first by going down the street in search of a different locale but came back. I am fond of all the shapes and colors, sounds and textures of this small sanctuary and yet my eye lifts far beyond to the clouds passing overhead. I would say variable today with mixes of rain and sun. The white, silver and gray shapes are moving noticeably interconnecting and edging apart. They appear as vast continents sailing across infinite blue directed by invisible currents. Is it the outer hygiene of space I am seeking? A tiny black dot flickers and dives downward. Ah. A Chimney Swift comes out to catch bugs. I love the mystery of clouds as entities that drift through the surface of my mind. They take me with them on vast journeys over the rim of time. They move effortlessly towards destinies unknown. Out of sight blue remains. I love myself as an entity that drifts through the surface of my mind. I take myself on vast journeys over the rim of time. I move effortlessly towards destinies unknown. When I’m clear only [...]

2021-12-12T12:48:12-06:00April 20, 2011|Health and Wellness|

An Infinitely Inspiring and Comforting Vision of the Sea, Eternity and our Natural Bonds to Earth.

Alice: When I look back to my youth, I always recall a time when I have the most vivid memory of my first real communication with nature, that paradox switch on, that bond, that alertness to the way nature inspired and attracted me. And that was to the sea. I like the alertness! It is as a common theme in the New Testament as Jesus spoke. "Listen you who have ears to hear". I am being alerted to a whole host of organic revolution connections to Ecotherapy and Jesus being connected to nature in ways that I never really considered before. I remember heading down to the beach close to my family home, perhaps after one of many heated arguments with my parents, in the dark of a winter's evening. I don't recall the argument or the reason for my escape into the night's darkness, which shows how unnecessary it is to dwell. I think humanity often unfairly, takes this focus. It dwells on events and substance in the past, where blame, shame and regret fight to take center stage in our egocentric emotional covers. I often use the statement "honor the past, live in the present with an eye [...]

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