Project NatureConnect partners with individuals, organizations, and universities to offer its Applied Ecopsychology training.

Akamai UniversityProject NatureConnect is partnered with Akamai University and offers training in the field of Applied Ecopsychology and Eco-Arts. Akamai University’s is dedicated to betterment of the human condition and sustainability of the planet. Our mission is founded on the premise that amelioration of world problems and the creation of sustainable lifestyles and global practices are the hallmarks of responsible individual and corporate world citizenship.

Akamai University Accrediation

University of the PacificIndividual Course trainings are available at the University of the Pacific (UoP) Credits/Continuing Education Units. UoP is regionally accredited in the USA.

Eco-Arts Therapy incorporates all arts: music, play therapy, sand play therapy, and more. Eco-Arts merges itself with the science of Applied Ecopsychology, learning to think, feel and relate like Nature’s wisdom works. Eco-Arts Therapy is an expressive arts process that anyone can use, anytime, to consistently think and feel with the unadulterated clarity and happiness that each of us readily enjoys in attractive natural areas. It makes nature not only cathartic, but therapeutic. Review profiles of Eco-Arts Students/Graduates.

University of the WildIndividual Course trainings are available at the University of the Wild. University of the Wild’s mission is: The University of the Wild educates and empowers emerging leaders to live and learn in connection and harmony with Earth and all life. This is done through advanced living and learning programs. We collaborate with similar mission-driven organizations, individuals, as well as local and international universities and colleges to help create personal and global transformation for all that seek it.

University of the Wild