Peak Facts

Those of us who care about living in the peaceful balance of well-being are distressed.  It has become painfully obvious that to achieve this peace, most of us in Industrial Society must make greater sense of our lives than we are normally trained to do.

Our problem in Industrial Society is that we refuse to acknowledge the corrupt point source of why our lives are so stressed and wounded, no less what to do about it.

The Sin of Omission: Moment-by-moment, Earth, you and I are increasingly at risk simply because we have been indoctrinated not to apply a readily available, self-evident, PEAK-fact remedy for what ails us.  We are subconsciously attached to relationships that don’t include unifying PEAK organics so the latter don’t help us accomplish what desperately needs to be done.

Seventy-seven years of learning how to live in balance with the nature’s aliveness dance, in and around us, tells me that PEAK (described below) is alive truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  If you haven’t spent the time that many individuals have on exploratory peak expedition education programs, this is an opportunity to learn from them, through your 54 natural senses,  the truths you need to know to help increase the happiness of personal, social and environmental well-being. We hold these truths to be self-evident.

PEAK will enable you to create moments that let Earth itself reveal an “organic law of attraction” secret, a presently missing sensory component that makes us produce our increasing dilemmas.

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