FULLY IDENTIFIED: Natural Sense #54

This learning-with-nature article enables you, as part of nature and its core dance of the eons, to begin to consciously connect yourself with sensory attractions in the natural world.  This empowers your relationships to strengthen personal, social and environmental well being at every level of endeavor. Its purpose is to let you first hand experience the universal Peak Fact, natural attraction fundamental described in other OP/NAE articles. Its object is to improve your personal and professional relationships and teach others how to do the same.


We suffer our greatest troubles because the contamination of our thinking by Industrial Society and money prevents us from finding rewarding solutions in nature for our problems even when the solutions sit right before our eyes. Our excessive disconnection from nature has made our inherent natural wholeness become homeless.

  • Learn about an enabling, nature connecting process that transforms our contaminated thinking and its destructive mental health effects into constructive art, health, education and psychology relationships.
  • Discover your 54 inborn intelligences and how you can restore them.
  • Advance your reasoning, balance and spirit. Increase your contribution to the wellness of yourself, society and the environment.

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