Eco-Art Therapy

Rochester, NY, January 4, 2014: “Have you ever noticed that you feel better when you spend time in nature or with a pet? Wouldn’t it be nice to live that peace and joy every day? You can!” says Eco-Art therapist, Dr. Theresa Sweeney. In Eco-Art Therapy – Creative Activities that let Earth Teach she gives us a practical art and nature-connected tool for living nature’s serenity, 24/7.

The revolutionary new psychology described in this text is creating a much needed paradigm shift in the therapeutic field. It powerfully addresses an often overlooked component in most conventional counseling and expressive strategies – the separation of our thoughts and feelings from the restorative flow of Earth’s life-sustaining wisdom. While providing some benefit and momentary inspiration, most therapies fail to permanently heal the real core of our troubles. As Sweeney explains, “The root of much of our discontent is the unreasonable difference between the way we learn to think and how nature works. Though people are part of nature and we inherit a love and respect for its purity, beauty, and perfection, we grow up in an indoor society detached from its sensory intelligence. To our great loss most of us are out of touch and out of synch with the regenerative and balancing ways of the natural world within and around us. We seldom include its profound non-verbal wisdom in our daily lives and thinking. This makes us strangers to ourselves. Collectively, we’ve lost sight of who we really are.”

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