ECO 800NHP: Who are We? The Science of Nature, Psychology and Spirit

In this course Spirit and Nature are explored as identical labels for the life dance of the natural world and its self-correcting ways. Learn how we place the world at risk because we excessively separate our body, mind and spirit from the purifying and restorative powers of the Dance.

We suffer because our lives are extremely disconnected from the unifying ways of the natural world. We spend, on average, less than twelve hours of our entire lifetime in tune with the way Nature works. This course teaches you the missing sensory process that we need to think, feel and build relationships in concert with nature’s balance and beauty. It Project NatureConnect Warranties that its sensory art of thinking and feeling with the natural world enables you to:

  • Compost the corruption undermining many relationships.
  • Recycle the garbage that unfair profiteering dumps in our body, mind and spirit.
  • Stop the runaway exploitation of ourselves, others and the environment and enjoy your common ground with them instead.
  • Use our distress and outrage to transform stupidity into supportive community.
  • Genuinely immerse ourselves in the wisdom of the eons to produce optimums of life, diversity, peace and cooperation in and around us.
  • Build relationships with beneficial rather than detrimental side effects.
  • Learn and teach each other how to enjoy interactions rooted in authentic nature’s love and brilliance.

Project NatureConnect and Akamai University: Eco 517/617.

University of the Pacific: PECO: 9002

This is an online self-study course that involves 45 hours of work/credit per credit.

Individual’s may get 1 to 3 credits.

Every individual who signs up for this course will get an electronic copy of the required course book: The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power.

If you want an accredited transcript for your course work for professional training or academic credit, you may receive it through Project NatureConnect and University of the Pacific for $62.00 per credit. This is in addition to PNC’s tuition.

NHP Option 1

$0001 Credit/CEU's
  • USA or International Accrediation
  • Self-Paced

NHP Option 2

$150002 Credits/CEU's
  • USA or International Accrediation
  • Self-Paced or Group Study
  • First Credit/CEU is FREE

NHP Option 3

$300003 Credits/CEU's
  • USA or International Accrediation
  • Self-Paced of Group Study
  • First Credit/CEU is FREE
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